Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dusting off my yardage book

I came out of retirement last week to loop in The Spirit International Amateur Championships in Trinity, Texas. It's a 72 hole event held every other year at the Nicklaus designed Whispering Pines Golf Course with the combatants coming from 24 countries across the globe. It was a blast again this year. Some of the featured countries were Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, England, Canada, Australia, Russia, and Korea.
I was fortunate enough to work again this year for the USA Team, Captained by Duke Butler. I looped for Paige MacKenzie who is a 22 year old fifth year senior from the U of Washington-Seattle. She played in the Women's US Open this past summer as an amateur, made the cut, and finished T13 and would have made $67K for her efforts had she been a professional. This girl has GAME! Paige is about 5'10", hits it 280 off the tee, and was easy to pull clubs for because she and I hit our irons the same distance. Paige was an absolute joy to work for and made 14 birdies for the week. Her plans are to finish her college career and then turn professional. Look her up at an LPGA event near you soon.
She was paired with Amanda McCurdy from the U of Arkansas and also played in the ladies open and also made the cut. Amanda is 5' nothin', cute as a button, and also quite a player.
The men who represented the USA were Jaime Lovemark of San Diego and Sam Saunders, The King's grandson, from Orlando. Both men hit it a ton!
The USA Team finished T2, second only to the English team who won going away.
But as you may be able to surmise, I like the odd and humorous. Most of loopers weren't professionals. Far from it. Lost headcovers, missing clubs, whiffing tee times, and showing up drunk. It all happened last week. (and I wasn't the offender)
The best story of the week had to have been the veteran caddie from Houston who was working for one of the Puerto Rican men. The player was having an exceedingly difficult day putting the undulating, quick greens at Whispering Pines. The caddie kept telling the player how bad a putter he was. "You're the worst putter I've ever seen". "You couldn't putt in a pipe". This went on for most of the round, until the player threatened to kick the caddies ass unless he shut up.
The only lingering problems I experienced from the week were a few rogue blisters on my feet, and a raging case of caddie ass!